Experience the bliss of rural Sri Lanka
Thuduwa Campís spectacular swimming pool is the jewel of all the luxuries we have to offer our guests. Set on a lush sweep of land with carefully manicured lawns and coconut palms dotted around in abundance, our luxurious and spacious pool is the highlight of any vacation to Thuduwa Camp. Cool down during the warm afternoons in our pool, when the tropical sun demands that you turn to blissfully cool waters and enjoy nothing by leisure and relaxation.

Our beautiful swimming pool has been designed with nature and harmony in mind, just like every other feature at Thuduwa Camp. Our swimming pool is your ultimate option to escape, unwind and delight in the stunning outdoors. Our newest amenity is well-equipped for those long, lazy and warm Sri Lankan days and perfect for the whole family to have fun.

Whether it's lounging by the poolside with a drink or a good book or splashing about and having fun with the family, we, at Thuduwa Camp have created the perfect environment for you - island-style.
Thuduwa Hotel