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  • We have found out what food our participants enjoy. In a peanut free environment, or menus balance great taste with nutritious foods, which include lots of salads and fresh fruit. Our Restaurant seats 100 people and can be used for activities other than meals.


  • We have aimed to make the cottage extremely reasonable value for the country loving holiday maker. It is serviceable and well equipped. However, it is not luxuriously furnished it's made by clay , walkers and those who want to get out and about in this beautiful part of the country. Many visitors have returned over and over again because of its superb position being quiet and secluded and meeting all the basic needs. It is not for those who want the latest style, it is classical

  • Spacious tents provided with all basic needs would be made up in the most pleasing manner [Raised beds /mattresses and linen].
  • Comfortable dining arrangements with tables and chairs.
  • Freshly prepared food and beverages would be served, as requested and any other needs would be attended to. [Full board operation]
  • Restaurant - 100 people
  • Cottages - 5
  • Dormitory - (1) - 16 peoples
  • Ground - 1500 people
  • Volleyball court (1)
  • Cricket Ground (1)
  • badminton courts (1)
Sri lanka
Tel : +94 (0) 47 56 79 771
  +94 (0) 77 38 77 714
  +94 (0) 77 73 00 940
Hotel web: www.hotelsobana.com
Email: Booking@thuduwacamp.com
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